Ensuring rights and choices for all


14 September 2018

National CSOs collaborate in their efforts to end harmful practices

What strategies work best in combating female genital mutilation (FGM), child marriage and teenage pregnancy? What challenges need to be overcome and how can we learn from each other’s experiences?

Male income generating activity

15 August 2018

Putting youth at the centre of development

The youth of Tanzania held a series of events to mark this year’s International Youth Day with its theme “Safe Spaces for Youth”.

7 August 2018

No woman should die giving birth

Giving birth in Simiyu Region is a painful ordeal that many women have to endure. Long distances to health facilities, poor infrastructure including a lack of equipment, and a shortage of qualified staff mean that many...


UNFPA's success in Tanzania
UNFPA's success in Tanzania


An overview of child marriage in Tanzania.
An overview of teenage pregnancy in Tanzania.

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