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14 April 2021
Press Release

Nearly half of all women are denied their bodily autonomy, says new UNFPA report, My Body is My Own

Violations include rape, forced sterilization, virginity testing, female genital mutilation and more NEW YORK, 14 April 2021 - Nearly half of women in 57 developing countries are denied the right to... Read more

14 April 2021

Bodily autonomy: Busting 7 myths that undermine individual rights and freedoms

UNITED NATIONS, New York – Nearly half of all women are denied their bodily autonomy, according to data from 57 countries, UNFPA’s flagship report announced today. The 2021 State of World Population... Read more

17 March 2021

Giving girls in Tanzania a today and tomorrow

Glory* didn’t attend secondary school; she became pregnant at the age of 13 after completing her primary education. She says she felt worthless and her dreams for the future ‘flew away’. She wasn’t... Read more

9 March 2021

Menstrual hygiene matters for the girls in Nyarugusu refugee camp, Kigoma Region

Managing menstruation is often challenging for adolescent girls in Tanzania – and around the world – but these challenges are exacerbated for the girls of Nyarugusu refugee camp where a lack of... Read more

8 March 2021

Celebrate women leaders on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response and beyond

Statement by UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem on International Women’s Day All over the world, women lead. They lead peace processes, run businesses, establish hospitals and schools. They... Read more

5 March 2021

Women supporting women through Knowledge Centres in Shinyanga

Milka says she first visited the Knowledge Centre in her village Malito, in Msalala District, Shinyanga Region, Tanzania, because she is naturally curious and likes to know what is going on in her... Read more

6 February 2021
Press Release

2 million additional cases of female genital mutilation likely to occur over next decade due to COVID-19

Only united, concerted and well-funded action can end this human rights violation Statement on the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation 6 February 2021 UNFPA Executive... Read more

5 February 2021

International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation: No Time for Inaction

Neema left home at the age of 10 to escape female genital mutilation (FGM). Her mother had been educated about the harmful impacts of the practice and did not want her daughter to be cut, but there... Read more

12 January 2021

Winda’s story: Saying no to FGM

Winda* was aged 13 and just about to start secondary school when her father told her he wanted her to be cut (undergo female genital mutilation (FGM)). “He told me I was now grown up and I had to be... Read more

12 December 2020

The champions of change fighting to end gender-based violence in Tanzania

Rahabu  was 17 when she became pregnant and dropped out of school, crushing her dreams of becoming a teacher.  She returned to her home in Kahama Town at the age of 22, after leaving her abusive... Read more