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Generating innovative solutions to tackle sexual and reproductive health challenges

To tackle some of the challenges facing the young women of Tanzania, UNFPA collaborated with the UNFPA East and Southern Regional Office to design the Innovation Accelerator, dubbed “AMUA”, to find innovative solutions to tackle the high rates of teenage pregnancy.

The six-month mentorship driven acceleration project supported four teams of young entrepreneurs with seed funding, training, and skills development.  These teams were selected through an extensive, competitive process across the country.  

The four teams have developed initiatives to ensure that young people have access to age-appropriate sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information.  

E-Shangazi allows young people to access information on SRH through social media platforms.  Harakati Za Lucy uses animation to increase knowledge about SRH among young people.  The Maisha Package includes information on SRH as well as menstrual hygiene products and condoms, while the Mkwawa Art Space uses community spaces to address barriers that prevent young people from accessing SRH information and services through drama, music, and art. 


Using animation to increase knowledge about SRH among young people

UNFPA Tanzania is implementing the programme in collaboration with Sahara Sparks. AMUA supports initiatives that are dynamic, developed by young people for young people, and that are new to the delivery of sexual and reproductive health programmes for youth.