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Responsibilities The translator will be responsible for:

1. Producing 100% accurate translation of English text to Swahili and Swahili text to English. Content accuracy includes;- detailed comparison of content, facts and figures and making sure there are no omissions from the source; translations and proofreading of all footnotes and/or endnotes, captions under photographs, lists etc; accurate exact and agreed upon translation of UN agencies and title; accurate and consistent usage of UN terminology adapted to Swahili/English.

2. Ensuring Swahili/English language excellence and proofreading, including excellent Swahili/English language, vocabulary, syntax, expression and grammar as well as all relevant terminologies.

3. Ensuring quality check and proofreading of translation; ensuring that no typographical errors are let in the final text.

4. The translation submitted to UNFPA under this TOR is the property of UNFPA and cannot be submitted, distributed to or used by any other party, unless arranged otherwise.
5. The translator is obligated to work within the required deadlines and available to UNFPA for comments and corrections