14 September 2017


Resource date: 14 September 2017


Amua Accelerator Media Coverage

The Amua Accelerator it was a six-month mentorship driven acceleration project supporting young entrepreneurs with seed funding, training and skills  development. The project is geared to generate innovative solutions to sexual and reproductive health related challenges.

AMUA Accelerator is part of the UNFPA Innovation Accelerator Program. The Innovation Accelerator is an initiative and model led by the UNFPA East and Southern Regional Office with aims to explore new and engaging ways to tackle pressing population challenges in the region while promoting social entrepreneurship among young people.

The Innovation Accelerator is a mentorship-driven accelerator program supporting young entrepreneurs with seed funding, training and skills   development to generate innovative solutions in response to challenges related to Sexual and Reproductive Health services, sexuality education, family planning, maternal health and other population development issues in line with UNFPA's mandate.

To access AMUA Accelerator Demo Day Photos please open the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/0ByFwcKEJG5lUVWd6N3c4MGFSSHc